Jul. 7th, 2012 06:45 am
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 It seems it has been a while since I last visited, at least my own page. I have continued to write, though my focus has shifted outside fan fiction which is what I was mostly posting over on live journal. 

Since purchasing my first ball jointed doll, I set up a background and story line for each, which is what I have written a fic about. I may post it again one day, though what I have done currently rather than in the past. I posted a chapter of it over there at one time, then hesitated about more. Still doing research on parts of it, trying to get it to sound right. My yakuza / vampire / elf / incubi fic. :)

Life wise, things are blah. Part time job, car that continuously gives me trouble but that seems on par since it has almost 250000 miles on it. Full time university student. My daughter is about to turn 15 in September, the time really flies and before you know it decades pass. Look at her, in some ways she reminds me of myself, though she is a lot more outgoing, strong. I did a good job there, just not with myself. Since I got divorced, have been unhappy. Part of this is how I am now living, still with my ex, part time job that gives me little money to do anything beyond buying a few books and go to local conventions.


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